What Makes NFT's Valuable?

There are a ton of reasons to buy an NFT… Let’s look at 8

of them:

  1. Uniqueness - Each NFT is unique, the only one of its kind. It is impossible to create another NFT with the same serial number on the same smart contract. Everything is verified by the blockchain and can be seen by everyone.

  2. Copyright - Your NFT may come with a copyright if you use Mintable.app. If the seller chooses to do so - it means that the owner of that Token on the Blockchain will have full commercial copyright to use that image and asset

  3. Scarcity - Because they are unique and cannot be copied, they are scarce. Most of the time, there are very few NFTs from an artist or seller. Therefore, you can safely assume that you will be one of the few people in the world to own a collectible that can then be resold.

  4. Collectible - Many people see NFTs as a way to collect digital goods. You can keep them and their value will only increase since there are few ways to dilute the collection. Buying them for resale can make you

thousands of dollars. Many people manage to make a living from this activity.

  1. Downloadable - If it is on Mintable.app, only the current owner of the NFT can download the file attached to it. This makes it unlockable for the owner. If your NFT contains something like game resources, music, a PDF, or more, you might want to purchase the NFT just to download its content (song/ PDF/ etc).

  2. Immutable - No one can change the metadata of the token, no one can delete your image or the name of the token. This means that it will never change, it will never be deleted, it cannot be removed from the blockchain. This is what makes it so valuable and attractive to


  1. Permanent - Unlike a collectible Star Wars, for example, which might deteriorate, NFTs are eternal. Because the data does not change, and because the blockchain is permanent, you will always have this Token if you buy it. You will always be able to resell that Token if you want to. It’s like buying a gold bar - you own it and can do whatever you want with it.

  2. Resaleable - You can make a lot of money by buying high potential collectible NFTs to resell at auction later on. Thousands of NFTs sell every day for more than $20,000 when the original buyer bought it for only a few hundred or thousands of dollars. Their owners earn more

than $15,000 after a few days or weeks, in ONE