Royalq: lesson 5 the magic of combining the three indicator

All right, uh, good morning, good afternoon, uh, ladies and gentlemen, i thought right to i thought right to to come back to you and we said that um in our previous videos, we said one, you create a royal key watch list and which was our first tutorial Under in the second tutorial, we said that you come here and you tap on these two arrows one facing up one facing down these two all right, and we said that you want to sort your coins right. You want to sort your coins. Where are you sort? You make sure that you sort them by percentage change all right.

Okay, i’ve been slow in delivering the videos that you can be able to write. Then in the next video we talked about uh, identifying a downward trend. All right, we talked about identifying a downward trend and basically we said uh.

When the market is going down right, it will always provide do what you call a downward trend. Like you see in this scenario here all right, you see in this scenario here there was a downward trend. Okay, uh there was a downward trend, so we said that for us to discover a downward trend.

Let me remove off of this indicator for us to discover a downward trend. What do we do we tap on the plus sign effects indicators right, if you don’t know how to discover downward trend by yourself, you go to your favorites. If you have already put a star on your indicator and the name of the indicator is called abc, abc v1, all right, abc v1 and uh, like you see uh, it gives us the upward and the downward trend right, okay and so uh, as it helps us Find a downward trend less gentlemen, we’re able to say that now we can know when to enter the market, and we say for us to pick a trade for us to pick a trade to enter the market. We shall look all right, okay, no! No! No! We are not yet reached there, so we said that, after defining and looking for a downward trend, a trend that is basically going down uh, that was where we stopped.

Now we also looked at the settings of these indicators. Right we looked at the settings of these indicators. We looked at the settings of the stochastic rsi, which you can see four, two, nine nine.

In the input we also looked at the style where we are able to make uh our k, uh thickness to the second line: 100 percent opacity and the d we left it as we found it. We created an upper band at uh, the thickness on the second column, 100 percent opacity. We were able so to make the dotted line the dotted line turn it to line change 8 to 90. We left the middle band, we created it in the orange color.

Put the thickness into the second bar, then we went to the lower bar. We made it green in color, made the opacity 100 and the thickness into the next bar. Then we are able to save as default and press.

Ok on the volume analysis indicator. We only said there is one area that changes that is uh turning white to black, all right, we saved as default and pressed okay. Now, having done that, we want now to combine the three right.

We want to combine the hacking ash candles which are on top and also we want to combine them with a volume, analysis indicator and uh. We also combine the stochastic rsi, all right, the stochastic rsi. So today our focus is going to be involving in uh what i call uh the tools and for us to discover the tools we are going to use today in our training we tap, we are going to tap on the pencil and we are going to use Several tools and also learn how to measure our tech profit in this tutorial right, so we are going to tap on the pencil, because now our screen is ready and we’re going to first find our indicator is going to be the trend line.

Now we need to tap on on it, long press it and give it a star, but usually whenever we do that it brings the all the indicators we have on the screen which might disturb us. That’s why we come back here. If you can see very well, we come back here and we tap on this blue button so that it doesn’t show in our chat right. So we pick the trend line and uh.

Like i usually say you can even start from here. It’s up to you as long as you can discover, and then you draw it up to this point. You may not start from.

As far as the other indicator, i was starting, you can draw. So that is our first indicator and when you draw it, you tap in the screen once so. We have discovered our downward trend in this exam. So the next scenario is for us to find a green candle, a green candle okay.

So we tap on our indicators. Now we are going to go and look for uh a vertical line like you see like we did at that time. You tap you long, press it and give it a star. It’s called the vertical line.

I hope everybody who’s watching this video. You can’t see it is here it is called the vertical line. Okay, so we cancel it up all right now we make sure it doesn’t show in our chat, but we pick it up and what are we going to look for? We are going to look for a green candle, like, i repeat, a green candle, and when we draw this line on the green card, the green candle must be having a red bar. So you press on the dot once and you draw the line.

Okay, so we’re gon na look at this. Ladies and gentlemen, so we said that what do we look for? We look for a green card, which is one and uh. When we draw our line, it must be either in a green bar, a red bar or a yellow bar, not a blue bar. This is two three.

The stochastic rsi must be above the blue. The stochastic rsi must be above the blue. The stochastic rsi must be above the blue. The stochastic rsi must be above the blue, the stochastic rsi.

The blue line must be above the orange line. The blue line must be above the orange line, and this is three so those are the. This is the combination.

I’M talking about so after the downward trend. What do you look for a green candle one? You find it, but when you draw a vertical line in that green candle, it must be in the volume analysis indicator it is passing through. The vertical line is passing through either a red bar, a yellow bar or a green bar red means very high volume, yellow means, high volume and green means. Average volume never press a tread on a blue bar because it shows their low volume.

So that is the first thing we need to do right. So having identified that, having identified that, then we are going to draw our horizontal line. Okay, so i’m going to delete this because it has formed before my instructions all right, so i just tap on it. Then i delete on top right, so i’m going to draw the horizontal line.

You just put the dotted line where the the kind of closed, then you tap in the dot. So when you tap in the dot the line gets formed, then you’re going to draw a second line where, where the uh, where the the the downtrend started in this scenario, now after we have donald dines, we are now going to determine our take profit. We are now going to determine our take profit, and so we are going to tap on the pence once again come down into where we call the prediction and measurement area, the prediction and measurement, and we choose the price range. So we long press add to favorite.

Remember whenever we do that, it brings show in chat, so we come back here and uh we tap on it, so that it doesn’t show in our chat all right. Okay, now, here it comes up and uh. We now bring it uh.

It’s called the price range and we draw our line from here and touch this area now and that is uh from here uh. You can see very well that this coin, this coin has been able to that it will deliver four percent. Now i usually advise, like i usually say during these times of the market, although you have drawn your downward trend as perfect. As i have done, please, i advise someone to take three percent or two percent three percent, two percent from the market as we speak right now.

So if you are taking as low as because, if you listen to my audios it’s my statement, don’t take too much capital too much profit all right. So oh i started from here. No, no, please! So i will never touch the dot so from here. I don’t say to not deliver someone who took their two percent they’re three percent they’re out of the market, so don’t love.

I said two percent three percent. You always deliver right, two percent three percent, so that is the well that’s what we are supposed to do. Generally, that’s what we are supposed to do, so that is the combination of these three indicators and that’s how it works like now. The beauty is that the market has been flopping down and, as we speak right now, the market tried to improve in our last video that we did.

We said that whenever you pick a trade, even if you have analyzed it as i have done, i want you to yes, i know it will deliver, but i want you to also look at the other side of the market that we do not control and we Said that press in the auto fbi, retracement lines, auto fbi, retracement lines, and i will say that, okay, if you can see them very clearly, i want to bring the numbers i’m not going to the settings because the previous video talks about it. We said that if i have entered here here, let me draw my line. Let me let me bring my if i bring in my auto retracement lines if i have entered from here. I also think about the other side of the market.

When the market will go against me. Yes, it will deliver, but i want you also to think about the other side of the market. When the market will go against you, i don’t say you cannot analyze and win.

Yes, you can, but i want us to understand. There are so many other factors that uh where yes, the market will return, but i want us to use our royal cue application. Our royal cue application as a blockchain miracle application, and what do you mean julius by using the blockchain miracle?