Royalq - lesson 4 how to use auto fib to set margin calls to make more profit collect more assets

All right, okay, so, like i’ve promised, i said i’m going to come up with the settings of the auto fbi. Retracement lines as one of the indicators you can basically use uh to set your margin call configuration. The market looks to be bleeding all through here. So let us look at this indicator, so we tap on the indicator.

Then we tap on the settings very first. Let me get back to how you get the indicator on your screen. Tap on the plus indicators.

Take any - and here you just scroll, come to this area - this area that has the auto fbi, the auto fpi all right uh, then you tap on auto. Then you pick the auto fpi retracement like it is here now. How do you set it up? You tap on settings and uh then input nothing to add uh, where there is percent here, whether it is values put percent.

So you find that this area here where there is values, uh put percent where there is um left you put right: okay, uh! Then you scroll, you make sure you tick everything on the left. What do you mean julius? I mean this area here this area. Okay, then you tick everything, but the last two, the last two, these ones you take them left and right. Then you tap on these three dots: seven press.

Okay, all right! You press! Okay! Now these are the the what the auto f bar retracement now to be able to set your margin, calls no matter which signal someone gives you. It is important for you to tap on this pencil scroll down to the bottom on where we have prediction and measurement prediction and measurement pick your price range. Now, if someone says, let me say, dots and it says join from here, so you go from where you have entered measure to the next line, all right, so that is there. Then you come in your royal cue.

You come in your royal key application. Okay, you come in your royal care application. Okay, let me just uh uh start off this.

You come in your rookie application, so if my first buying amount was uh, let me go to this particular coin: wifi that i’m trading. Why, if i usd it’s the coin, i’m trading right, so i open it up, and here we go with this particular trade, so it doesn’t matter the market direction. You need to understand that, but what i want you to focus on is that the market has always a retracement. So now i’ll pick my price range, which i’ve found down here long pressed and made it favorite.

So i pick it up and let me say i joined from here but see i joined from here, so i will not i’ll measure from here up to here all right that is negative 099. Then i come here on the margin call configuration so first call. I put 099.

This will remain two because it is 195 times to your first buying amount. Okay, then i delete this. Then i start from that line. I bring my price range now, it’s already in my favor right here, so i’m gon na just tap on favorite.

Just going to tap on the price range again have it from here i measure up to here: okay, uh 314, then i come here in my margin called here. I put three point 014. So that is my second call all right, then i pick from here to here that is zero two percent, then i put two point: zero, two percent. That is my third goal.

Okay for margin calls are usually enough. If you are doubling, you always get out of that trade, okay, all right! Okay! This is three point. Three percent right. Three, three point: three: six percent: now these are my perfect.

Imagine call configuration so you just don’t need to just bring the emerging chromes from nowhere, especially if you’re using one shot. So i will measure them perfectly, and i have them here into my royal cue in my one shot trading strategy. Then, when i say that my take profit is four percent, what’s going to happen all right, so my buying call back here uh make it simple: 01. Let it buy faster.

So when the market falls down by 09, it will double. So if my first buying amount here this one that you show on my screen this one here is 195, you don’t need to edit and make it small like 15. No, it must be doubling.

So if you want to make it 15 start with 15 or 195, so if i put 195, i must have this money in my exchange. What do you mean, for example, i must have 2 times 195 in my usdt 4 times 195. If i want to win this trade so two times 195, i must have this money. I must have this money 390 dollars.

I must have this 390 dollars in my exchange four times 195. I must have 780. If so, you you budget, according to the amount of money you have, but keep this two four six eight. It is what you call the blockchain miracle, because if you keep on doubling, what’s gon na happen, is that if i confirm this, when i save - and i open my margin call whenever the market falls by the certain percentage, what you’re gon na see what you’ll see Is that one, the average price this one will be moving close at the current price when the market falls down a little retracement, my robot will sell off this coin.

All right, my robot will sell off this what this particular trade. So if you decide to pick up one shot with any signal given make sure you have your margin call configuration because it will bring the principal in to play the average price plus they, because you also uh, not putting your money once in the market, which is The dollar cost averaging method plus the marginal strategy. This is what makes royal cue a blockchain miracle, so in this video i’ve been able to explain the settings or the settings of the auto fbi retracement lines and how we are going to use these particular lines. So we have tapped on the settings like you saw and we’re able to see uh this particular trade all right.

We said whether it is past values. Put percent right, left, put right, take everything on your left and take right and left then save as default. Thank you so much because if you follow this, then you’re going to enjoy your trades