Royalq lesson 2: learn about the candles and indentify a down trend

All right, uh good morning and uh today is uh is another blessed day. It is the 30th of august 2022 and we yesterday were able to learn how to sort our coins from those that are performing well to those that are performing poorly all right, and you can also do vice versa from those that are performing poorly to those that Are performing well all right and we see how we can be able to to win so today, uh, we want to change our focus and our plan to basically now uh look at understanding the hacking ash candles. These are some of the candles that we are looking at to become our strategy. There are so many strategies people can use to trade, but i say find one that works for you, stick to it right, so uh, understanding the hacking ash candles is our main topic for today and basically we’re gon na see uh the basics.

We need to look at the hakkinash candles. These are japanese candles and uh. They keep a trend. I usually say that a market is very volatile and market volatility is not a friend to anyone, but market trend can be our friend.

So if we can learn how to understand the market trends before we even talk about any indicator, then we are on a safe side to be able to enter the market at the right time, because we also need to understand, as one should trade us. That trading is timing, so if we can time the market at the right time, we can be able to win amazingly, amazingly incredibly from the market. Now, let’s talk about our market trend so, first and foremost, the hacking ash candles form green candles.

They’re hacking ash candles. They form green candles all right. When i talk about grain candles, i mean that they form candles. If you could see here, they foam candles that are flat at the bottom, with the wick at the bottom, and this implies for you that this will be an upward trend.

Okay, i hope that is clear. Uh. Now, let’s look at uh.

When do they confirm you that there’s going to be a downward trend? Uh, these hacking ash candles, they form one of the important they form red candles that are flat at the bottom flat at the top. Sorry with a wick at the bottom - and this confirms you that the market is going to keep - is going to go down specifically okay. Now we want to learn about another important uh indicator. That is very well here that i want you to put your focus, and this indicator is what we call uh.

This specific indicator is the indicator. We call the doji and, like you see in your screen there now, what is a doji a doji is an indicator. Ladies and gentlemen, like you hear the word doji, the doji is an indicator, but you see sometimes the plus you see here. There are two dodgies from like there uh.

Sometimes it has a little body and these dodges if they are formed in a trend like i’m, going to show you a trend, it means if it was a downward trend, it’s going to become an upward and upward trend. So if you see it, then you prepare to enter the market all right so having described our main focus of today’s call is the ability and the power for everybody to discover a downward trend as one of our strategies that we are going to be using okay. So it is very, very important, ladies and gentlemen, for us to identify what you call. This is purely a downward trend.

Hope anyone can see that it’s a downward trend, so you need to go through the market. So when you find a downward trend, your ability and power to identify a downward trend, it doesn’t matter whether in a one hour time frame or in a two hour time frame all into a 30 means time frame. You need to learn the art of identifying a downward trend so i’ll. Take this example.

If someone was trading crb, when is the right time to join crv, maybe you saw it from here you’re gon na tap on the pencil and tap on a treadline. You pick the highest point. It could be this one, it’s up to you or you could choose this one. You may not be so perfect right.

Let me choose this one, and this is the higher high and then you touch the lower low. This lowest point here. So it means in this scenario, you have identified that this small portion here there was a downward trend and if you will follow our next video by the way, this one is very, very short: it’s one of the shortest videos, because its goal is just for you To understand the hacking ash candles, which we have been able to look at and be able to look for a downward trend.

That is the only thing you need to learn, so you could see if we could go to in putting in the indicators at the last stage, because i’ll talk about them after identifying my downward trend, then i’ll look for a green candle. Okay, so you can identify downward trend. I can basically pick one of the longest downward trends which you all of you can see very well, this downward trend that began all the way from here.

This was a pure downward trend and it basically uh ended close to there all right now after i’ve seen my downward trend in the near future, like you’re, going to see in these particular trades you’re gon na look at i’ll, then look for i’ll then play part Of our indicators that you’re gon na learn, basically we’re gon na just apply just two more indicators that i’m going to explain these two indicators, uh. That will be the stochastic rsi in just a few days from now, and the volume analysis indicate and i’ll basically now bring in my trade lines that you will be able to learn to use. So you go through your trade lines, find the vertical line.

Have it find the horizontal line? Have it for yourself all right, then i’ll basically bring my horizontal line. Uh, i’m just showing you what you’re going to learn in the future. Then i will find a green candle as simple as that. I’Ll find a green candle and this green candle that i’m finding must have some specifics julius.

What are those specifics you are trying to talk about? These are only three specifics that i will look at basically i’ll, look at a yellow bar, which is there i’ll look. What uh uh uh? What can i say, the blue stochastic si above the orange and also a green can and after i’ve learned that after i have been able to see that then i’ll bring in my horizontal line, which you’re going to land right draw where the candle closes from and Draw my second horizontal line where the downward trend started from which is basically around this area, and so when i go down on the moon, this area, where we have the prediction and measurement area - and i pick my price range i’ll measure from the first horizontal line There is newton to the upper horizontal line, which gives me 18 percent. Now it’s up to you right after i have identified the trend. It’s up you to say that i will take, let me say, seven percent, which it has delivered now or i’ll still keep into my trade and maybe stop around here.

12 percent. All i keep into my trade up to here. All i’ll remain here, and that is the trading sequence. We are trying to talk about at the end of these 10 days.

So what is the main topic for today? Ladies and gentlemen, the main topic for today is you to basically and purely go to your watch list. The main topic for today is basically and purely go to your watch list and build into finding a downward trend. Like you see here on ipc, if you can wait for three to four days, i hope you can see it here if i had uh just to show you what i’ve done, the other side just to show you what happened in the history. This is a green high, kanashii candle, which all of you can see very well.

So i draw my my my vertical line. Then i draw my horizontal line, uh from where the candle closes from, which is there. Basically, then, i draw my second line where the downtrend started from which is basically here, and these lines are basically this type of a trade that have been there. Then i pick my price range, the price range.

Then i press my dot where the the first horizontal line started from which is basically here to where the downtrend started, and this trade has delivered nine percent. What you need to do is just remain patient. It has delivered nine point, seven percent, so we can basically what i want us to emphasize today. What i want us to talk about today is identifying a downward trend, because, basically, if you don’t - you don’t learn the art of identifying the downward trend.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll find that uh this session may not work for you, because you can see you can see. This was a downward trend, then an upward trend. So we want to have the art of identifying a downward trend. It’s the main lesson for today.

Okay, it is the main lesson for today, because if you identify the downward trend, then the rest of because the rest of everything will be very, very simple for you right. So it is important. Let me remove off all the indicators, because this we are going to apply after everybody who’s following these videos, you are able to have the act of identifying a downward trend as simple as that, there is no art.

There is no physics. There is no chemistry here as as possible. You can see with your naked eyes. This was a downward trend, identify where it started from and where it ended.

Then you wait for green card. I’M not saying you start trading because some of you, maybe you feel like you, want to start trading. You are not.

Nobody can ever finish the money into the market space. So our goal is to identify a downward trend. That’s the main topic, so you can identify a downward trend and if you i usually say that um i usually say that uh. The main thing to understand in this world is the market is very volatile and it’s unfriendly but a trend i want to repeat but a trend.

So if you can basically go down, if you can identify a downward trend like this one, this was a sweet downward trend, but even though this downward trend happened, you can see this was a sweet downward trend. You may take halfway the trend or wait because, as long as you wait, this downward trend will always deliver. So what i’m trying to that’s the name of me talk about.

Is you having the ability to identify a downward trend from where it started to where it ended, and so that can be purely done by using a trend line? A trendline is one of those amazing indicators you can use and also what i could talk about. Let me talk about another trade line, so once you come on trade lines, there are so many one i would love to talk about is the flat bottom. So this applies when the market is going up.

So you pick the lower law, which is that point in that area where the market went to its lowest point, make sure you draw a straight line and as your line it has one or two touches. Then you tap once you tap once then this becomes a. What a flat bottom! Now, why do you draw such an indicator? You want to make sure that if this particular coin you are trading closes above your trend and forms a candle above your train, it means it has retested it.

It means now it’s going to be an upward trend, so learning the art of creating trends, because we need to understand that the market volatility is not in our favor. But a trend is in our favor because, if i understand from here that this is going to be an upward trend, i’ll trade comfortably than me just getting into the market like a gambler right, so understand the market trend. It is very, very important, but the trend i want you to identify the art that i want you to identify is the art of a downward trend. If you can discover if you can discover that this is a downward trend, i’ll be happy, because now my next few lessons are going to be sweet and nice for you, you don’t need to learn a lot.

You don’t need to become an expert. You don’t need to become an analyzer. Can you see with your naked eyes even before i dread trade liner, this market started from here and came down up to here? Can you be able to see that if you can be able to see that, so you wait for a green candle to close and we are going now to add in more indicators that help you to know when to get into the market? But can you discover a downward trend? I’M not looking at anything else.

I’M not talking about analyzing anything else, i’m just talking about a downward trend. Now uh, like i usually say there are so many things that people talk about into the crypto space, but this is my say: you find a strategy that works for you and you stick to it and the strategy i’m talking about here is identifying a downward trend. Even the four hours straight four hours, time frame all either in the one hour time frame and we are using the hacking ash candles, so see you next in our next video uh.

This is talking about just identifying a trend and the hacking ash candles, where we have seen that the red candle form flat at the top, with the wick at the bottom, to confirm downward movement and the green candle they form flat at the bottom, with a wick. At the top, so if you can identify a downward trend, then when i will talk about tomorrow, i’ll talk about two indicators: uh i’ll talk about uh, the settings of the volume analysis indicator, and i also talk about the next day. I’Ll talk about the settings of the stochastic indicator, and now after you have done that, then we are going to combine the hackness candles, plus the volume analysis indicator, plus the stochastic rasi and then we’re gon na start winning trades like we have seen.

So. Thank you. So much i hope this could add value to you.

Just uh 17 minutes of your time be able to learn this and you’re gon na see how you win. Remember the market is well volatile. It is not in anybody’s favor, but a trend is our friend. God bless you and i have a blessed day.