Royalq lesson 1: setting your trading view

All right, uh welcome uh, ladies and gentlemen on this tutorial uh this morning. If you are listening to this tutorial today, then you are blessing. It is the 29th of august 2022 and uh.

I want to welcome you to 10 lessons. There will be 10 lessons that will move you from having zero knowledge of how to pick a trade and make 05 to 5 trading expertise, and in these 10 tutorials you’ll be able to learn how to look at a coin. In your trading view, pick the price you want to set in your royal queue and be able to make 055, so this will be the first video and the first video is as simple as download go to your go to your play, store or app store and Uh once you reach here, you just have a simple task is to write in the word trading view. That’s all you need to do and immediately write in the word trading view.

The application code trading view that looks like this will be available on your screen and you just need to there’s a word download. That’s how tradingview looks like then you download and uh have the application on your phone, so we are going to open the application. That’s the first step now, once you open the application, i want you to immediately uh come down here where you see the word watch list. So what i’ve known to taken you through is uh registering for the app because i’ve already registered mine.

So you need to register they’ll, send you an email make sure you finish up all those first steps. They are simple steps right. They are simple steps because you tap here on menu down here, all right, you tap on menu and then you come to an area called sign in then you are able to register you your account 100, what percent? So that was that’s the first step.

I hope everybody can be able to to handle that area of uh registering for the application all right. Now, let’s go to the first important step. If you have done that step, then the first, the second important step is creating a watch list. A watch list is a list of coins that you want.

You, you put your focus, your energy, your time, okay, so you tap on watch list like you see down here and uh. The first step is to add a symbol. So, like you see on my screen, there is a word, add symbol, so you tap on plus, and where do you get the symbols? You add minimize your screen, then you basically come to your royal key application in an area called quantitative. Okay.

I hope you can see i will do my best on the an area here called quantitative and uh if, after you have tapped on this area, called quantitative, then you’re going to start picking coins, both from general and professional. As you create a watch list in your in your in your trading view all right, so we’re going to start so we’re gon na do the first task, so we are going to pick our first coin. It’s called zen usdt, so we are going to go on to our application.

We started from below the up. The coin is called zen usdt, so you see that i’m writing the full name of the of the what of the of the asset? All of this cryptocurrency. I’M talking about we’re basically going to you see.

I picked binance because i’m using binance to trade, if you’re using hobby pick hobie if you’re using indoor dax right look for indoor dax. Why? Because usually, the trading volume is usually different from one exchanger to another? So pick the exchanger, you are using to trade all right so i’ll pick. Then that is my first crypto i go back again. Another is called zenk.

Another one is called yfi. I tap on add symbol and i write in the word zenk usdt. So you write the full name, then the next one add symbol was y y f. I? U s d, t right.

I add it up the next one. Uh was y f. I i? U s, d t! I hope you are seeing very well. I add it up all right, then i go back again.

I go back again. We have x, t z, x, r, p, so all right x, t usdt uh there we go, then the next one was xrp x. Rop.

U s dt all right, then the next one is uh. Was uh x e m. All right you s it.

You write the full name. You don’t guess around, that’s very, very important. Okay, then we go back right. So okay, so we have uni and xmr.

So we go uh, we write x, mri usdt, that’s the name of the coin. Then we have uni uni, uh, uni usdt, all right. We are moving on a very uh amazing pace. Then we have trx theta, okay trx, so we write uh t r x.

U s d, t okay, then we write uh. Another symbol is theta. U s d t all right, then another one uh we have is x, sxp, usdt, okay, all right! So we are moving. We are still moving, we are still moving and we are creating our trading view.

We have sushi sun and rs era, so we come on to our screen and uh. We basically write sushi sushi usd team range and then the next one we have is sun. Usdt. All right, then, the next one we have is uh uh, rsr usdt.

We are choosing binance. Basically, then we go back again. We are doing very well. We have ref o n t and omg.

So we start. Okay, we have ref usd you see, i’m writing the full name. Okay, then we have o n t.

U s, d, t, okay, that is autology! Then we have omg usdt okay, so we are still on creating our trading view application. The next one is neo usdt, mdx and mana okay. So if we can okay neo neo usdt all right, then we have uh mana, okay, usdt. Okay, we have mana usdt.

I hope you are seeing very well okay. Now we go back again mdx. So i’d missed this one. Okay, i have mid i’d, missed this one mdx usd, so you make sure you’re getting all your watch list very, very clear.

Alright, now we have ltc lit and link all right. So we come here. We write ltc usdt.

I hope you see, then we have lit usdt. I hope you see uh there. Now we have uh link usdt. I hope you see okay, so we are continuing on creation, the next one we have canva gst and i and okay.

We have cover it’s up to how you spell it usdt usdt. I write the full name. All right. Then we have uh.

We have jst uh, usdt uh, okay right, i’m forgetting the third one is okay capito. I o t a? U s, d, t okay iota! All right, then, we have that laws, so we have grt ftt. We have this one which is uh this one. I think it’s not that one: okay, usdt! Okay, we have a ftt ftt, usdt.

Okay, we are choosing binance. Okay, we have grt g r t? U s d, t d t k, we are still moving, we are still moving. We got to make sure that we have. We have field uh eth, we have field.

So you write field. U usdt! All right, then, you write uh et h, usdt that is ethereum classic, that is ethereum. Then we have atc ethereum classic usdt all right, so we are still moving on creating eos dot and dodge.

We have aos usdt all right. We have dot dot, usdt. Okay, then, we have dodge the dodge, the the dodge coin: a meme coin right: okay, now we are moving. We have dash crv and see we have dash.

We have dash dash usdt. We have a crv usdt based on the first few steps. All right, then uh. We have we, of course we have course: u s d, t, okay, so we are moving.

We have compo cake btc, we have compo usdt, we have btc usdt, we have uh the last one. We have cake scriptcake here we have kik usdt all right. We have bt cst, bnb and bch btc, st usdt.

We have b and b bnb usdt and uh. We have uh bch bch usd. We are still creating our watch list, we a little bit slow, but we are still on the main thing: uh. We have bat atom and ant uh bat, atom and ant.

So we start with bat usdt uh. Then we go to r2 and atom atom usdt. Okay, then we have ant usdt okay, so we are still moving.

We are still moving. We have acro adder ave, so we go. We have acro usdt, we’re still creating our watch list.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have uh avi. Am i writing it work? I need to check up this double a okay. It is double a single e.

Those are important things. I need to look at all right, okay, which one did i i left other okay. We are still creating our watch list. Okay, all right, so we move now.

Our last coin is one inch on the general coins. One inch usdt right now you can see this is one two, three four five: six: seven: eight nine ten 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, two, thirty, three, thirty, four, thirty, five! Thirty! Six! Thirty! Seven: thirty eight that nine forty forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight forty nine, fifty fifty one. Fifty two: we have 52 coins from general, so we’re gon na go to our last area, and that is the professional area and we should also start from the bottom. We have xlm.

We have xlm xlm, that’s our first coin. To drop it. We have wrx wrx usdt, all right, we have it up, then we go to.

We have vet and tfuel all right. We have vet until fuel. So we write um vet. U s dt uh! Then we go to t fuel right, t, fuel usdt, all right.

Okay, then we go. We have solana, slp and ship, so we start with uh solana, usdt. Okay, we have.

We have ship ship, usdt, shibainu, okay, all right, then um. We have slp slp usdt, okay, all right all! Right now we have uh two tum matic and a casama uh uh qtum usdt. All right. We have uh matic usdt uh.

We have a casama which is ksm, ksm, usdt, all right. Okay, we are moving, we are moving uh, okay, we have icp hot and harbor. So we add uh icp, usdt.

Okay, we have a hot usdt hot usdt uh. We have a hubba hubba. How about usdt? Am i writing it right? Uh, hedera? Okay, this is the header hash graph.

Okay, we are still moving you’re still moving. We have gmt gala and ftm, so we shall add up gmt usdt. Then i shall have gala usd usdt.

All right, then uh we go which one have. I forgotten: ftm, f, tm, usdt, all right. Okay, we have big, avex and ata avex uh, big avex and atta.

We are still creating our watching this. It’s the first step right, the first step and uh. We have app algo iron, so right up, then we write argo, argo by usdt.

Then we go to iron usd team all right now we are done. Those are our coins. So if we are going to count, we stay this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. 22.

All right, so you remember, we had 52 coins the other side. So if we get a 52 plus 22, that is a 4. This is a 7.

So if this is 22, if you want us to repeat okay, let me repeat the whole sum: 1. 2. 3.

4: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 15, 51, 52, 53, 54: 55, 56, 7, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 607, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 70, 30, 74, 75, beautiful, so, basically, uh binance royal cue has to rated out 75 coins. It has traded out 75 coins and now, let’s get into our second lesson and still the same thing of understanding our trading field. So our next vist area, ladies and gentlemen, is to go to the chat. That’s our next vist area, so we’re gon na go to the chat.

So we open up our chat and our chat will meet it with some some things. We, maybe it doesn’t look nice. So our first step before we do anything is to come on the pencil here on the pencil. That’s going to be our first step.

You come on the pencil you tap on the pencil now once you tap on the pen, so you see an area where it is written measure errors lock, magnet drawing hide. Then you come to remove. So what are we removing? That is the most another important area.

So we have basically and purely uh, moved from uh we’re moving this side like this, and we go to this area where you see remove right, so we’re gon na remove all drawings and indicators in our screen. Okay, so we remove all drawings and indicators. Then you see automatically here automatically you see here there is this x tap on it, and your screen will look like this.

Now, that’s done. We want to go to the next step. The next step.

Our next step will be now putting in our time zone to make it clear, so we tap on that area there. So we’re gon na tap on it and i will make sure on a regular stick and i make sure it is ticked count down, but close. So uh, if you tick, you need to make sure on your screen.

This one is ticked and this one is ticked. Then we are going to take our energy onto the the time zone, others if they are ticks, you untick them. So, in the time zone we want to make sure our trading view is working in touch with our area, so it depends where you are. If you are in uganda, east africa, your rosary is very good for you on the plus three time zone.

If you are coming from um uh from uh from uh from uh from uh from uh from um from this side, called uh called called nigeria lagos is here at plus. One yeah lagos is around here at last, one depending on your time zone. So you take it like for me i’ll, take a plus jerusalem and uh.

Where will i see if that has entered my screen? You will see on your trading view this area here. I hope you see it where we have the the figures of the coin. We are looking at and you can see very very clearly that in this area this candle is for four hours, i’m going to there and it’s remaining two hours, 23 minutes and 46 seconds to end.

Now, let’s go to the time frame, so we can be able to trade um. In one hour we can be able to trade in four hours and in one day, okay, we can also look at one week depending, and so what do we do? Maybe i want to have the two hours time frame. My long press then tap on add to favorite. Then i cancel so it will be there in my favorite.

So i don’t want to add anything. So you just keep it there that one we are done now. The candles we’re gon na choose for our first time as we’re coming to the end. That will be our next uh tutorial.

Uh, we’ll be understanding the candles our next tutorial, so we’re gon na choose into our screen a type of candles and uh. How we’re gon na choose this all right, so we’re gon na tap down here on these three dots and uh we’re going to choose uh we scroll down here we choose the chat type and we’re going to choose the hacking ash candles. The hacking ash candles these ones.

So how do we choose them? We long press then add on favorite. So if i’m gon na remove them so i come chat type i long press, then i add on my favorite now i’ve removed them. Then i add on my favorite all right now we are just going to do the last thing. The last thing is to learn to sort our coins depending on how they are performing in the market and how we’re gon na do this.

If you are having an android phone on your top left, you’ll see this area here, but if you are having an iphone on your top right, you will have three dots in this area. Here you have three dots all right, but if you are having an android, you have three arrows here, but if you are having an iphone, you have three dots on the right and an android. You will have two arrows on the left. Okay, so we tap on them and what do we sort by we sort by percentage? You can see periodic here.

If i try to sort by percentage you see this will be starting from big, a big to next big to the smallest one. So i will tap on it and basically it will start with btcst leading the game btc leading from one that is performing best to one that is performing poorest, and that marks our first lesson on the 10: lessons that will move you from zero knowledge about uh Making zero point five to five percent per day to making you a trading expert, and you would see on our screen using our hacking ash candles purely that btc st, is on the four hours time frame in our screen and the current candle. When we talk about the current candle, we mean this kind of this.

One is 2 hours, 19 minutes and 41 seconds to end. If we can change to another time frame, i hope this could basically help you one hour. You also see that uh.

If we look at our time frame down here, we’re using hacking ash candles, i need to emphasize uh. We are at 11 minutes, no, no, no, no 19 minutes and 17 seconds to end, and it is talking about this kind of specifically, so every candle in this time frame is for one hour and every candle in the four hour time frame is for four hours. All right, okay, so thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen, for joining our tutorial for today and uh, we want to promise you as a team.

We are going to continue to support you. We are going to continue to support you and make sure you get results. So well, that’s our first lesson see you on to the second lesson last gentlemen, and i hope it will be available for you very very soon.

So thank you so much enjoy your perfect week.