Royal Q Best automated trading robot, start earning profit daily

hey guys welcome to this video this is john again on another one on Royal Q today i’m so excited about what i’m seeing on this account the result guys it is really mind-blowing this trading robot called Royal Q has been killing it has been fighting and fighting in the crypto space in the crypto market bringing to us profit guys so uh amazingly this robot buys low and it sells high and it repeats these activities every second of the day 24 7 7 days a week 355 or 56 days a year guys you can see it sells it buys it sells again and it buys it sells it by so bringing to us the difference which is the profit amazingly our trading funds which we may call capital is not on

Royal Q it’s in finance coinbase pro or hobby whichever wallet which you choose to connect with your Royal Q trading robot okay another amazing feature is that this profit this trade profit we see here it is just a reflection of what the robot has generated or what the robot is generating daily because amazingly the trade profit is instantly added back to our exchange so every time there is this activity of uh buying and selling once it sells you can see this activity is sold manner and then the profit was taken in usd now this profit has been added instantly to my binance wallet okay so when i go to trade right here i just want to go to trade history when we go to other history here you can see that the last history we have here on our binance is mana usdt now it sell okay so you can see now the difference which is a profit has already been added to my binance wallet so everything which we see happening on

Royal Q rayoq is just a service provider and the magic itself is happening on your exchange so amazingly this trading robot cost only a hundred and twenty dollar subscription fee for one year okay just imagine a hundred and twenty dollar subscription fee for one year i call it a money making machine guys there have been never a time like this where trading cryptocurrency has been this easier guys so the notion behind it is it buys low and then it sells high now it repeat these activities again and again 24 7 7 days a week i am so happy when it is buying the tips because after some time we are going to be seeing these activities here when i open my news right here you are gonna see a very long list of just selling selling selling you can see this list here guys see how awesome it’s looking so what do we have here sell sell sell another cell here guys and the list is endless

because the robot was programmed to do this or not for us without us having to monitor the market not to choose the best crypto pairs to trade at a given point in time remember there are three ways you can use this robot okay first you can use it as uh 100 manual it means you can decide on your own coins and your own trade parameters but if you think you don’t know how to do that you can also do this hands-free hands-free it means you copy from professional traders okay you copy from professional traders who have already decided on the trades parameters for you and just a click of a button there you go you are already trading and making these moneys guys see how the profit keep coming guys so the third method to use this robot is to do hybrid maybe you do 50 manual and 50 hands-free so these are all amazing features another amazing feature is that the robot wasn’t configured to sell at loss

and another thing your accounts can never been blown because we are not doing forex we are not doing margin we are doing sport and spot the only thing we need to worry about is when the market goes deep now all the robot can do at that particular time is to buy and hold for the role for the market to appreciate so it means that in as long as we’re holding the coins we haven’t realized any rate losses we call that paper losses okay so if all of this sound uh so fascinating to you all you need to know is you would need to we will need to connect your Royal Q to one of these exchanges by names or coinbase pro so choose whichever which you like to use and we’re gonna be going with that you can see we just have a recent activity here it is sell okay so mana has sold again you understand mana and matic has sold again while we are talking and this happened again and again and let’s go back to our profit our revenue see if something has been added we will need to refresh that again and again to see it reflected guys but i hope you get you grabs what i’m trying to share with you guys so if you like results like these and you fancy them you want to get started you want to

check in the link the links in the description and the top comment of this video or if someone referred you to royacu use their link to sign up i will drop this video in the description and the top comment which will be how to set up your robot step by step from the first step to the last step don’t forget i also leave my telegram group link in the description you want to join should you want me to give you a hand you are more than welcome but for you to contact me it means you are in my team okay it means you have either used my link or one of my downlines link so you should be connected to me either direct or indirect to get their support which you require okay so amazingly guys this is looking awesome so when i go back from the 1st of february here till the 9th today being the 9th you would see that these accounts of this robot has brought a trade profit of almost 700 for doing nothing guys so this is something which is going to change so many people’s lives so if you are not currently trading on

Royal Q what are you waiting for guys you want to use a robot that automate your trade and take your emotions out of that equation out of the equation okay so the next part of this video uh for the newbies please you want to copy trade for those who are currently trading i have a tip for you on this video uh one of the method or one of the tips i want to share with you is how to actually uh how to actually use the the notion of the marginal cost to do one shot okay so i have been doing this again and again on coins like uh slp slp here so when i click on slp you can see my position amount here you can see how many number of margins it has made okay so when i go here you would see that it has been buying and selling buying and selling again and again i think i would change slp let me go to cov something like that just for you to clearly see what i’m trying to share with you it should be on the general section so we have our cov here cos sorry not co v so when i click on co uh s right here and i go to transaction record i just want to show you this big uh transaction returns right here of eight dollars and so on and so forth because i am using the marginal position uh for my advantage okay so the goal behind this is you can actually use the marginal positions to do one shot what do i mean by that okay you just want to go through your uh analystics and see you want to go through your quantitative and see that particular coin which is selling again and again so

another way to determine it you want to go to your news and then once you are on your news you want to see that coin which is selling again and again so for my case i would say manner and matic either of them is selling so what i would do is i will go to manner i’ll go and find manner let me just type mana right here okay so this is manner right so when i click on mana i will see that mana is currently at the fifth position it has met the fit position now let us click the trade record and see i usually have some big ones here on mana because i have been using this same method and depending on the available uh usdt which you have you can use to utilize this tip to make a profit so you can see the big one right here 18 right because i have been doing this method you can see seven dollars profit right and so on and so forth so mana has been bringing me this profit because what i am about to share with you is the same thing i am doing guys so uh what i would do is okay i will see the last activity for manor it is sale so it means it has sold the eighth position no it has sold the sixth position because if we have five year it means it has sold the sixth position so it means that if we have some available usdt we can go to trade history to trade setting and go to margin configuration now i will go to this sixth core

because i know mana is gonna be buying the sixth call very soon okay so i will be doubling this six call for it to buy multiple times depending on my available usd right so uh if i am trading first we need to keep an eye on our first buy in amount is that correct now we go to marginal call magic configuration so the sixth position now let’s say if i have a thousand dollars to put into just the sixth position for mana to buy the six position and bring us a profit of 1.1 or 1.2 depending on how you set it right so what i’m gonna do is i am just going to multiply 25 by so uh let us say 25 by 25 dollars you multiply by is it 40 equal to 1 000 right okay so what i’m gonna do here is i am going to edit the sixth call and say let manner by the sixth position it should buy 40 okay 40 times look at that guys again do not go so crazy okay you could do it small you could do it big depending on uh what your expectations are and depending on your available usd but look at this it’s looking really crazy right so i will make it 40 times to buy 40 times i am going to confirm and i’m going to save it okay and save it now depending the direction of the market if the market continues to go down it is going to buy the sixth position 40 times that would be 25 dollars 25 dollars 40 times now once it buys we are sure that it is going to sell the sixth position and then remember we should be on sub bin mode retime settlement to do this right so this is what i have been doing and most of my coins have been selling bottom top and on either of them which i think it sells most frequently so i do this to do one shot on their marginal cost so once it sells a six position once it buys the six position and sells it depends on me if i want to continue or if i want to go back to the marginal calls or margin configuration to edit it back to one you understand edit it back to one okay and then save it and there

we go guys we have taken profit remember uh we went in for the sixth core with a thousand dollars right so let us see our take profit here it is 1.1 so when i go to my calculator here uh 1000 times if we multiply that by 1.1 percent how much is that gonna give us 11 profit guys so this is mind-blowing right so this is what i have been doing to take advantage of one shot and then multiply the position on the marginal position and let the coin buy and sell that margin drop once it sells i am going to observe the volatility of the of that coin if it keeps on selling i’m going to do that again and again and that’s why i have been making some massive returns massive gains you can see the results right here for yourself guys so i hope you learned something here i remember this method is for those doing manual trade if you are a newbie then you don’t need to be doing this because you are doing copy trades right so we don’t want to make these things very complicated there are so many uh pro traders here who have configured everything for you you just have to click a button and you are already trading so

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