Question And Answers About Royal Q

1. How much is the Royal Q b o t fee?
USDT $120 for a year

2. How much trading fees does Royal Q charge?
20% from the profit only
(Atleast 20% gas fee in royal q app)

3. Minimum fuel?
USDT $20 ( 20% Trabding fees will be deducted from here)

4. How much is minimum capital for trading on Binance / Houbi ?
USDT $120 is minimum starting capital

5. I don’t have experience in trading, how can I make money in Royal Q?
For beginners you can use Royal Q Copy trade and earn stable income.

6. How much profit can I make?
Roughly 0.1% - 5% a day, Crypto is 24/7 hence 10% - 50% or even more a month (Depending on crypto market)

7. What’s is the risk?
Best part there is no risk on Royal Q because your capital and profit will be in your own Binance / Houbi account, the bot have no access to your funds and the b o t does not make loss, only paper loss / floating loss because Royal Q bot trades on S p o t Market.