JDWINNER Sync Strategy Explained & New Coin Selection Matrix Introduced I 22 Jul 2021

Go through three options to use Royal Q okay there are three options here the first option all right the first the first option is hands-on okay handsome mean you come into this platform and you decide to do to do the parameter setting the tweet setting 100 by your own so you decide to select the coins you do your own analysis so this is called hands-on now please understand okay so many people right they’ve been actually been misinformed and they think that the robot is going to do 100 and they don’t have to do anything come on when we talk about automated that is not what it meant right because even if you buy an automated if you even if you buy an automated washing machine you still have to put in the clothes and you still have to do the setting right for the washing machine so there is no such thing as automated washing machine where there is no human uh human interface or human touch involved can you see that so now loyal quantitative requires some kind of human touch you need to define the trading uh the trade setting you need to define the coins that you want to select so that is basically 100 okay so please understand my terminology and i call this hands-on okay so if you are doing 100 manual it is hands-on or you can choose hands-free now hands-free is what we have the sim strategy which that you don’t have to do the trade setting you don’t have to do the coin selection it will be done hundred percent by the copy trade which is jd winner sim strategy all right that is

the second aspect of it now the third aspect of it is the hybrid whereby you can use the hands-on and you can use the hands-free now this is where we are teaching you how you can use the sim strategy so we have maximum three calls and after the three calls you can actually do your own manual replenishment okay so stay with me and i’m going to share to you how to go about it because if you want to see a better trading result or better profit you need to understand which is the best option to use can you understand me so this is important there is no one option that can actually deliver you the result that you want no you need to combine a few options in order to actually generate a much better return now at the end of it right whatever option that i choose my profit okay my target is around 0.5 to about 1 or at least 15 to 30 per month can you see that so now you calculate based on monthly don’t keep calculating daily then you get upset wait for the whole month monitor your 30 days performance and then you divide by 30 days are you able to actually achieve about 0.5 to about one percent can you see that so that is basically the target so now the question is this how are you going to achieve this profit target you need to know which option to use do you want to go hands-on do you want to go hands-free or do you want to have a hybrid when you combine both the hands-on and hands-free can you see that so this is a question that you need to answer even i cannot answer for you can you see that so that is important so if you only use hands-free right if you only use hand free and you do synch strategy you can’t be expecting one percent right because you will never get a one percent just by synch strategy alone can you see that there is no such thing as guarantee okay so this is important for each and every one of us to understand so now

there are three simple steps to get started the first is to actually register your account right so uh all of you know i have already launched i will be all right i’ve already launched will be we are providing synth strategy for huawei so you can even uh register by nance and will be all right so this is where you actually do your spot trading and this is where you have your trading fund please understand that okay so your trading fund is 100 in your own wallet in binance or in kobe your fund is not in the bond okay not in the box you are not going to give to the company no your fund is going to be 100 okay in your own spot wallet now once you have registered your binance of who will be account and you have done the kyc next you can actually proceed to sign up for the royal quantitative bond okay so make sure there are four process that you need to sign up and then you have to deposit so please understand you need to deposit about 120 whereby hundred dollar is the activation fee for you to actually i ran this board okay for about a year okay it’s an annual subscription fees hundred dollar and twenty dollar you leave it there for the uh fuel cost okay so every time the trading is going on every time it open and closes it will then charge you with a fuel cost and once you have deposit then you need to activate so this is where once you activate 100 okay will actually be taken for the activation remaining 20 will remain in your uh fuel uh in your fuel costs okay at your asset wallet and finally you need to do api binding with finance or hobie or you can even do with both at the same time right so it’s up to you you can take advantage even to actually send strategy both will be and both uh what to say um finance okay and that after right and that after once your finance is ready your Royal Q is ready so simple right you just have to use jd winner and syn strategy okay and let the bot actually trade for you hands-free isn’t that awesome okay so this is the easiest way to introduce to anyone who is new okay so instead of you confusing them on how to select the coin and how to do the trade setting and most of them do mistake that that’s why so many of them are upset okay upset with royal quantitative because they start to see their fun depleting immediately after they come into the platform why

because they don’t really know what they are doing right and they are still experimenting and learning so why don’t cut all those things okay and straight away since strategy so that while you are seeing strategy you will then start to learn okay you earn while learning okay don’t learn and start to earn okay earn first okay and while you are earning make sure you are learning at the same time okay isn’t that awesome now so where do you get the help okay so how to set up your finance account get into my youtube channel all right i there are there are plenty plenty wealth of resource and information that is like a one-stop center for the royal quantitative okay so you can find so many okay so many i so much of resources that so please get in there and and go and learn okay if you want to do hands-on you want to do synth strategy all those informations are there so make sure right make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel make sure you give a like okay make sure you click the bell okay make sure you get all those notification uh that i’m going to post okay very very regularly so now let’s move into jd winners in strategy and how to actually send strategy right how to do that i’m going to guide you step by step and we’re going to do some practical over here i’m going to show you very very quickly quickly all right now before you when i proceed let me just read up this disclaimer all right most important now past performance does not guarantee future results so some of you might have seen my result and you you are you are dreaming and thinking that you’re going to make as my result please understand all right fast performance does not guarantee future results market is volatile market is not the same every day so please perform your own due diligence okay before you actually see strategy second results are not typical all right various factors affect the results such as the trading fund your first order amount the number of strategy or the coins your own emotions and also market uncertainty or volatility okay which i will cover in faq faq 2 later on now uh disclaimer 3 since strategy does not guarantee your trades okay does not guarantee that your trades won’t experience floating loss let me repeat that once again since strategy does not guarantee that your trade won’t experience floating loss

now when we say floating laws this is unrealized law so don’t get panic all right don’t get panic just relax okay so the loss is because this is the the the deviation between the average price and the current market price all right so that’s the reason why you see the negative and in rate but that doesn’t mean loss okay just relax and trust the process okay and this deviation is because of the market volatility so how to deal with the floating losses i actually explained in faq one i will go through with you shortly now number four currently read the synchronization notice in the scene strategy page before you proceed to scene strategy do not blame complain or maliciously attack the same strategy owner for any reason whatsoever okay you have to read you must understand the risk that is involved and the reward that is involved before you actually a sim strategy okay i’m not just talking about me as the circle owner there are many other circle owners too right finally if you don’t agree with the above please okay abstain from synchronizing from syn strategy with jd winner okay please understand that and i hope everyone is clear with this disclaimer because i don’t want anyone to get bitter alright i want you to get better and better not bitter all right that’s most important and we don’t want to hear people complaining in the group and just because they see minus 10 and they start to panic and complaining we don’t want to see those kind of behavior in our group right so this is so important for you to understand so now how to do sim strategy okay let me just guide you step by step the first thing you have to login into your apps and you will be able to see the circle right so tap on the circle so once you have tap on the circle you then go to the search button and look for jd winner all right look for jd winner and then you click the next process is where you will find jd winner and search for it okay you will see a yellow button i think that will be search or in chinese actually it is a search and search for it and you will be able to actually find jdwinner id1146 so once you tap on that it will bring you to the next page all right and in this page right what you need to do is very simple first thing all right read the message posted and immediately okay join click the link and join jd winner synch strategy telegram community now once you are in the telegram community that is where you will get the sim strategy the 8020 wallet management

and today i’m going to present to you another free gift which is the coin selection matrix so i’m going to take away all the headaches so that you don’t have to use the excel spreadsheet anymore because i have already created the coin selection metrics where you can select from the metrics which will be the right number of coins for you isn’t that awesome are you happy all right so now once you have got into right and you have read everything now you come back into into into the circle again and now you type okay you tap on the strategy for jd winner all right and you will see that there’s a percentage that is basically i think currently it should be around 1 000 plus okay a profit percentage which is my unless than two months result okay of my trading so far right so you can see right i’m an active trader i’ve been trading 24 7 mostly all right and i actually trade with huge percentage okay so that’s basically the result and i did that because i really really want to offer this a sim strategy to the whole world okay so you all are fortunate to be able to be part of this team now once you have done that okay you will then get into the syn strategy page okay so all that you need to do is tap on the scene strategy number seven okay the seventh step is to tap on the sim strategy and that after okay you will come to this page now this is the most important page all right because you need to decide two things right the first thing you need to decide is the first buy amount okay so the first order amount so what is the first order amount that you need to actually put in there so i’m going to share with you the the coin selection matrix in that matrix you’ll be able to see the first order amount and that it will also show you the number of coins or the number of strategies okay so you can then decide how many coins that you want to actually uh indicate over there right now the other thing you need to understand that is a profit sharing them so some people ask me right what is the cost of joining the synch strategy the cost okay it is a very very insignificant cost which is one percent from your trading profit now where will this where will this one percent deducted from from your field cost can you see that so from your field cost so it is one percent and this is a promotion for one month we actually started this on the 16th of july so i will wait until 26 okay of uh 16th of july up to 16 of august before i actually revise okay this profit sharing probably it will be double i am not so sure that okay now the other thing please understand okay do not enable synchronize opening double do not enable that okay because if you enable that that will disrupt all your wallet management because we are not going to trade double here we’re going to basically trade only ten dollars if you enable that then the robot will automatically open 20 he will double up your first order amount and that is going to disrupt your whole wallet management okay so please do not enable so once you have done all the settings okay this is the only setting that you need to do and then you need to tap on the sim strategy and now the board will be automatically picking the coins okay so you don’t have to decide what coins and so on the board will actually automatically picking those coins for you all right so now what i’m going to do okay i’m going to quickly get into my board all right get into my board and i’m going to show to you uh very quickly how to get these things done okay now let me just uh let me just get my bot here just give me a minute all right okay so i hope you can see my bot here all right i hope you can see my bot here so what i’m going to do now i’m going to syn strategy okay let me show you step by step how to go about it so i’m going to click on circle and i’m going to look search there i already have jd winner okay and i’m going to click on that and now i will enter so you can see this the current member okay i’ve already exceeded 217 17 members thank you to each and every one of you truly appreciate all the support okay this is this is a huge encouragement to see this number growing like wildfire right thank you so much now you can also see this is the percentage 1152.55 percent all right it is growing because i have already activated you will be adobe exchange so it will be growing much much faster right now you need to click here right click over there and now you come to this page and this page right please understand you can see here right binance and will be all right so you can select between binance and hobie right so i’m going to use binance at this moment and i click syn strategy now over here right you can see the first buy in amount which is 10 all right the number of strategies 71 this is defaulted and this amount is wrong so please be very careful all right so now for the first buy-in i’m going to remain 10 and then the number of strategy probably for the sake of example okay just giving you an example i’m going to put probably two here right now do not okay do not open double okay do not actually do not enable this toggle okay please understand that now this is the synchronization notice please read this notice okay can you see that please read this notice this is very very important this is the disclaimer if you don’t agree please do not synchronize all right now i’m going to now see strategy i click syn strategy all right i confirm right so now when i confirm watch what happened okay watch what happened let’s get back to the home all right now you can see i have two new right two new coins that have just come on board can you see that and i’m already immediately getting the profit for this coin this is just awesome right so you can see here right uh bad which is a you can see the mark here since strategy ont synch strategy so means these two coin okay this two coin is currently since strategy with jd winner all right so i hope that is that gives you a clear understanding all right so this is just one of the accounts that i’m going to show to you all right how this really works so this is how you can actually send strategy with jd winner all right don’t worry about asking questions okay just finish i wait until i finish and then i will open up for you to answer to ask any question just want to make sure everything is recorded everything is clearly a done sequently step by step so that you can follow through this video later on right now let’s move to the most important the heartbeat the heartbeat of jd winner right the heartbeat of jd winner is the wallet management strategy this is probably the first time ever in the circle in royal quantitative that you might you might heard about 80 20 rule all right and this is basically okay a property a proprietary arrives of jd winner so i’ve actually introduced this because of my experience uh doing martingale uh trading right so let me explain to you how the wallet management work and that after i’m going to share to you the core relation with the martingale strategy so please all right please listen and watch this slide very very attentively now i’m going to take an example of a thousand dollar okay so now this is my trading fund okay i don’t call this as my capital i call this as my trading fund and my trading fund will be in my finance spot wallet all right so that simply means my spot wallet is 100 under my control because i am not going i’m not putting this money into royal quantitative my money is actually in my own finance account can you see that now from this thousand dollar you need to divide into 80 20.